Care Instructions

Face Masks: Remove any jewelry charms. Hand wash in cold water with mild soap. Roll in a clean, dry towel to remove excess moisture. Air dry.

  • To help protect your jewelry, remove when you shower, bathe or engage in heavy exercise, particularly when swimming in the sea or a chlorinated swimming pool.
  • Avoid spraying perfume, applying creams or any other liquids directly onto your jewelry.
  • Keep your jewelry away from extreme temperatures, humidity or sunlight.
  • Avoid wearing your jewelry when using bleach, cleaning products and other chemicals.
  • What do I do if my huggie earring closure has become loose? Take the earring in the open position and gently use your thumb to push up on the curved post until the earring closes again with a tighter “click.” If you find that you cannot get the earring to close, you may have pushed the curved piece up too much. Try pushing down on the curved post ever so slightly until it clicks into place.

Gift Services

Unfortunately at this time we do not offer gift wrap or gift services.